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Water Conservation Stages as of November 18, 2011

ADWR System Water Plan
Part 1 Water Supply Plan Update
Part 2 Drought Plan Update
Part 3 Conservation Plan Update
Current Water Stage is 0 (No restrictions)
You will be informed of Water Stage Conservation should it change by one or more of the following methods Email, Website, Door Hangers, Direct Mail and/or Posting in Public Places.

Conservation Information

Listed below are articles and pamphlets in .pdf format which provide useful information to anyone living in the Rim Country (actually, anywhere in Arizona).  If you should have any documents or information of interest to Northern Gila County residents, please let us know by Emailing the Webmaster.

Quick Water facts

The Benefits of Rainwater Harvesting in Arizona

A Guide: Rain Barrel Water Harvesting

Flushing out the Facts on Water Efficient Toilets

Low Water Use Plants (Prescott Area)

Click here for Water Conservation Stages - November 18, 2011

Water conservation is everybody’s business!  Please do your part!