Seasonal Water Meters


--Seasonal Water Meters Now Availableó 

Because adequate water resources are now available during the fall and winter months, the Pine- Strawberry Water Improvement District will make available seasonal water meters that will be operational from October 1st to April 30th.  Once additional water resources are connected to the system, hopefully during 2010, these meters will be granted year-round access to water service.

These seasonal meters are available to all property owners within the District and are subject to all fees in effect at the time the meter is ordered. Current fees are $25.00 for Establishment of Service, $105.00 for Security Deposit, $500.00 for installation, and base and volume fees depending on the location.  The full rate schedule is on the Districts web site at When, and if, the meter is shut off for the months when water resources are limited, there will be no base charge for the meter and normal turn-on and turn-off charges will not apply.

This program is designed to provide seven months of relief to those currently hauling water, and to provide service to those who have been waiting for meters to have access to water resources at least part of the year. Timing of installations of these meters will be dependent on the volume of meters requested; however, the District will attempt to engage additional service personnel to install these meters as soon as possible.

To order your meter installation, please contact the PSWID Customer Service Center at (928) 476-4222 or visit the office located at 6306 Hardscrabble Road in Pine. A form is required to be filled out for this temporary meter and the form and all fees will be necessary before scheduling of this installation can take place.