Pursuant to Title 41, Chapter 23, Arizona Revised Statutes, The Pine Strawberry Water Improvement District, Pine, and Strawberry, Arizona, hereby gives notice that it will receive proposals to sell an Industrial Vacuum Excavator Trailer (Vac Trailer) to the District. Proposals will be accepted until 4 p.m. on August 15th, 2023.

  • All proposals shall include current pictures of the Vac Trailer.
  • All proposals shall be addressed to:

Pine Strawberry Water Improvement District

P.O. Box 134

Pine, Arizona 85544-0134

  • All Proposals shall be labeled “Proposal for Pine Strawberry Water Improvement District Vac Trailer.”
  • Proposals may be hand-delivered to the PSWID Administrative office located at 6306 W. Hardscrabble Mesa Rd. Pine, AZ 85544
  • All Proposals must be received no later than August 15th, 2023 at 4 p.m. Proposals received later than the date and time specified above will not be

The Contract will be awarded to the Best Value bid that conforms in all material respects to the requirements and the criteria set forth in the Request for Proposals.

The specifications for the Vac Trailer are as follows:

  1. Condition – NEW
  2. 49 HP Diesel Engine
  3. No less than 20-gal fuel tank capacity
  4. 800-gal Spoil Tank capacity
  5. 400–420-gal Water Tank capacity
  6. 18,000 lb. GVWR maximum
  7. No less than 15 ft blower hose length
  8. Include an option for strong arm
  9. Include an option for rotation boom
  10. Include warranty and or service agreement information

The proposal must include all costs of the equipment, taxes, if any, title fees, and licensing fees if any.

All persons or entities submitting proposals must be eligible to provide said Vac Trailer under and in accordance with and must agree to conform to, the laws of the State of Arizona.

Prior to the issuance of a Notice of Award of the bid PSWID or its designated representative shall inspect the Vac Trailer’s condition.

No proposal may be withdrawn for a period of thirty (30) days after the date set for the opening thereof.

The District reserves the right to make a contingent award of this contract subject to the District’s final inspection of the Vac Trailer, which if approved, the District may issue a Notice of Award to the successful bidder.

The District reserves the right to cancel this notice at any time. The District reserves the right to reject any or all proposals or to withhold the award for any reason it may determine.

For information regarding this proposal, please contact the District’s administrative office, at,

P.O. Box 134 Pine, Arizona 85544-0134, phone 928-476-4222 or email BILLING@PSWID.ORG