Board of Directors

Cory Ellsworth-Board Chairman

Cory Ellsworth

Board Chairman

Cory Ellsworth, a native Arizonan, is a retired international finance business executive. His career spanned 35 years and included CFO roles in Europe (London), Asia (Hong Kong), and North America (Toronto) with large companies NCR, AT&T, and Cisco. Cory is also an author and stage musical creator. He has written a dozen books including biographies, essays, and fiction, and has created two musicals.

George Gorkowski – Vice Chair

George Gorkowski

Vice Chairman

Hello, my name is George Gorkowski Jr. I moved from Connecticut in 1978 to Phoenix Arizona. I hold an Associates Degree in Electronic Technology From the Connecticut School of Electronics and a Bachelors Degree of Business Management from Western International University. I am a trained “Black Belt” in statistical analysis. I started my career at Sperry Flight Systems (eventually Honeywell) as a Electronic Technician working on Flight Control Systems, airborne weather radar, and TCAS systems. Since then I have held positions of Quality Analyst/Engineer, Production Supervisor/Manager, Productivity Improvement Manager, Capital Program Manager, and Corporate Special Project Manager with several organizations. My most favorite job was when I was the Production Manager for Arizona Industries for the Blind, the number one supplier of military litters (stretchers) for the US Army. I was a volunteer for the Glendale Crisis Management team working with families in crisis situations. My wife (Julie) and I purchased a house in Strawberry about 7 years ago and still have a house in Glendale (to stay close to older loved ones). We have two great adult children and two yappy dogs. My wife and I retired from full time work in 2021. I joined the PSWID board in 2020.

Sharon Hillman Treasurer

Sharon Hillman


January 2017 – Appointed to the Board of Directors for the Pine-Strawberry Water Improvement District and voted to the office of Treasurer.
I held this position until June 1, 2021, when I resigned to become the District’s Finance Manager. I held that position until June 23rd, 2022, when I was appointed to the Board of Directors to fill a vacancy until December 2022. I ran for re-election and was appointed for the next term from January 2023 through December 2026.
In the summer of 2017, the District Manager, Chairman and I met with WIFA regarding securing financing for the District’s failing infrastructure. We secured an $8M funding with $500,000 forgivable principal. We completed the final project and closed out the funding as of June 30, 2022. I managed all the funding and reporting for this program. The completed project listing is on the District’s website at
In May 2019, the Board gave approval for me to begin the process of preparing an application for funding with USDA. I started by getting a Dun & Bradstreet number and then a SAM number. With these in place, I was able to get access to the RD Apply application. I completed all the required documents and uploaded all the financial reports for the District which I kept updating on a quarterly and annual basis. In August of 2020, I was contacted by our USDA representative to say they wanted to process our $25M application prior to their fiscal year end of September 2020. The Board agreed to proceed and I completed the rest of the electronic documents necessary to submit the application with her assistance. The District received funding in the amount of $25,036,500 with $1,009,500 in grant funds. The PER and EA reports for this funding are on the District’s website at Since RD requires interim financing, I applied for and received 2 loans with WIFA to meet this requirement.
As Treasurer, I also oversee all the District finances including the annual audits as well as monthly Treasurer Reports for the Board of Directors and public access on the website.
February 29, 2012 – Retired from Contractors West Inc. in Mesa, AZ to Strawberry, AZ
September 1996 to February 2012
Contractors West Inc. I was controller for this highway electrical and signing contractor. Responsibilities included but not limited to all accounting, financial and auditing for the company with up to as many as 135 employees over the span of 16 years. Shortly after obtaining this position, the company installed a new computer network and I became the network administrator as well since I had over 12 years’ experience with computers and networks. The Company collaborated with General Contractors all over the state to provide installation services of all electrical and signage on Arizona highways. The majority of these projects were federally funded so at one time, the company had as many as 6-8 projects spanning a period of one to three years. The payrolls were weekly and processed in house including the job cost and Davis Bacon required certified payrolls. I worked directly for the Owners of the Company as well as all the audit firms. The last 3 years I trained my replacement so when I retired, she took over my position.
June 1987 to September 1996:
Donald R. Leo & Company CPA’s. Prepare client accounting, financial statements, presentations and tax returns as well as quality control for same. Work in the capacities of controller, administrative manager and manager level accountant. Responsible for the firm accounting, financial statements and tax returns as well as the financial records of the managing partner. Maintain the employee benefits, train and supervise administrative staff, assist the professional staff, provide financial management and various other day-to-day matters that must be managed in a professional, confidential and competent manner.

Lawrence H. Bagshaw

Lawrence H. Bagshaw

Board Secretary


Born: June 2, 1949 in Provo, Utah

Schooling:  Provo Public Schools, Brigham Young University, Arizona State University. B.S. double major in Geology and Zoology, M.S. in Geology with emphasis on sedimentation, stratigraphy, and paleontology.

Work History:  Formerly was business owner of lawn care service, and a scuba diving store, and currently have a lapidary business. I worked as a petroleum geologist, which involved oil and gas exploration and drilling oil, gas, and water wells. I also worked in the semiconductor industry manufacturing circuit boards and microchips.

Geographical History: Provo, Utah, Denver, Colorado, Wichita, Kansas, Oskaloosa, Kansas, Mesa, Arizona, and Strawberry, Arizona.

PSWID Involvement

Have served on the PSWID board for over 9 years. Elected to the PSWID Board and started serving on June 5, 2014. Re-elected to the board twice.  Have served as secretary of the board since June 5, 2014.

George Gorkowski – Vice Chair

Roger Childers

Board Member

Graduated from Florida International University with a BS in Industrial Arts Technology. Graduated from Arizona State University with a Master’s Degree in Business Administration. Worked for 34 years in the electronics/semiconductor industry in various technical, marketing and sales leadership positions. Also taught school in science and math for 8 years. Roger is semi-retired and moved to Pine in 2017 to be closer to his family. He felt a concern for the water situation in Pine/Strawberry and joined the PSWID Board of Supervisors in 2020 to help ensure that the community would have a viable source of water for years to come.

Victor Tayao-Board Member

Victor Tayao

Board Member

Retired IT Executive with over twenty years of experience in management, technology, and marketing in industries including retail, healthcare, finance, higher education, semiconductors, consumer packaged goods, and food and beverage.

Contact Info:

6306 W. Hardscrabble Mesa Rd, Pine, AZ 85544 PHONE (928) 476-4222 FAX (928) 472-4224
MAILING: PO Box 134, Pine, AZ 85544
ADEQ ID AZ0404034

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